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AOL email password recovery software is cost- effective way to recover forgotten or lost passwords. Software to restore missing passwords of various email user accounts like AOL,, BT Yahoo,, Microsoft Hotmail,, EarthLink, Earth, Verizon,,, Outlook, and Outlook express. AOL password restoration software is capable to unmask passwords stored in dial-up entries of windows and auto complete strings forms of internet explorer. Tool can recover synchronization passwords, identity passwords, cached passwords of web and ftp sites such as Cute FTP, Coffee Cup Free FTP. Password recovery tool can reset Content Advisor Passwords. Software supports various Windows operating systems 98, 2000, 2003, NT, XP, Vista, and ME. Software is a read-only and non-destructive utility rescue forgotten password without editing original data. Software unmasks lost or forgotten passwords of web based email accounts such as Yahoo Gmail Orkut, rediff, indiatimes and as many others. Password recovery software is very much user friendly because of highly interactive graphical interface. User can access this tool without any specific technical help or knowledge. Tool capable to uncover lost internet explorer saved email, online shopping, newsgroup accounts passwords including FTP passwords IE auto forms and auto complete fields's passwords.

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